Caravans have been used for centuries as a portable home and make ideal holiday retreats.  They are becoming increasingly modern and are now no longer just for use in hot summers as they have central heating, hotwater, double glazing so can be used all year round.
Most holiday parks are fairly cheap to stay at costing just a few pounds, so caravaning is an ideal way to see the country and escape the rat trap at weekends or for a longer vacation.
Here at cheap caravans org uk we are providing you with caravan auctions through out the UK so that you can get out onto the open road for a lot less than you think.
Featured Caravans for less than a grand:
Trailer Tent Raclet Marathon VGC

Trailer Tent Raclet Marathon VGC

Price: £500.00
Buy It Now: £895.00
Caravans make the ideal getaway because you can pack them up at home (or keep them permenantly stocked) and simply hitch them to your car and away you go.  No airports, no queus, no hassle.
They are a complete home from home.
At Cheap Caravans org uk we have put together some guides for you to help choose your new or used caravan.
We hope you enjoy your travels.